Introduction to Practical Shooting

Our introduction to practical shooting event will allow shooters new to the sport to try out a number of practical shooting disciplines. We will have stages designed and set up in each of the sports the club hosts. Shooters will be able to try out a stage in a casual environment while asking questions and being given direction by more experienced shooters.

The intro day will have stages for the following :

  • Steel : Static steel targets shot from a static position from a "low ready" position. This is a great discipline for new shooters as there are no reloads, no movement, or drawing from a holster.
  • USPSA : Paper and steel targets placed around obstacles (walls, barrels, etc) that requires the shooter to determine the most effective order and position to engage the targets.
  • 2 Gun : This stage will be designed to be shot with a shotgun.

We will have stages set up and manned from 9am - 1pm